Drone debris found on the ground in Russia’s Kaluga region

Drone debris has been discovered near the village of Tarutino, Russia’s Kaluga region, RIA Novosti reports, citing emergency services.

An emergency service spokesperson said that the drone was not carrying an explosive payload. According to SHOT, the debris was found near the A108 highway. The drone left a shell crater. Eyewitnesses said that two explosions were heard, while the drone itself was downed by an air-defence system.

Earlier, Baza reported about the drone interception. Preliminary reports suggest that it fell to the ground late on 16 May. No one was injured. According to Mash, the explosion was heard in nearby towns and cities.

Media outlets also said that another drone attacked a checkpoint in the Belgorod region, causing an administrative building to catch fire.

In early May, the Russian Defence Ministry said that a Mi-28 military helicopter crashed in annexed Crimea. Both pilots were killed. According to the agency, the crash occurred “during a planned training flight”.

The Kaluga region borders the Moscow region, where downed drones were found previously. Moreover, the Kremlin was attacked by drones on 3 May which prompted the Russian capital to ban any drone flights in the city.

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