Man, 19, sent to pretrial jail in Murmansk region for draft office arson

A court in Murmansk has sent a young man, 19, to a pretrial jail for alleged arson of the regional draft office, Mediazona cites the court.

The young man’s name remains undisclosed. He has been charged with committing a terror attack and is facing up to 15 years in prison.

The investigators’ theory is that he set a local draft office on fire on 14 May at night and tried to escape, but was caught by the police.

Baza reports that the young man is 19 years of age and goes by the name Shamil Aliyev-Gasanov. The Telegram channel says he broke the window on the ground floor of the Murmansk region draft office, poured flammable liquid on the window pane and set it on fire, which destroyed furniture and equipment inside one of the rooms.

The man pleaded guilty during the interrogation and said that he did this as he was threatened and blackmailed by an anonymous person on the Internet, and not due to his anti-war stance.

The local emergency department extinguished the fire rather quickly.

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