UK intelligence estimates number of Russian troops in Ukraine at over 200,000 personnel, mostly ‘poorly trained mobilised reservists’

The Russian Combined Grouping of Forces in Ukraine consists of over “200,000 personnel organised into around 70 combat regiments and brigades divided into five Groups of Forces”, as per the UK Defence Intelligence.

According to the agency’s data, the number of Russian troops has not changed much since the start of the invasion, on paper. However, in February 2022, according to the Defence HQ, Russia’s army “consisted of professional soldiers; was largely equipped with reasonably modern vehicles; and had been regularly exercised, aspiring to complex, joint operations”.

Currently, Russia’s forces are mostly made up of “poorly trained mobilised reservists and increasingly reliant on antiquated equipment, with many of its units severely under-strength. It routinely only conducts very simple, infantry-based operations,” the British intelligence reports.

Thus, Russia is not likely to create a “large, capable, mobile reserve to respond to emerging operational challenges” along the 1,200-km front line, the statement concludes.

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