Local authorities: three Russian regions located near Ukraine border targeted by attacks

Three Russian regions situated near the Ukrainian border were simultaneously attacked overnight.

A drone struck an administrative building in Starodub, Bryansk region, Governor Alexander Bogomaz reported.

Screenshot: Google Maps

Screenshot: Google Maps

“A Ukrainian drone shelled an administrative building in Starodub. No one was injured. Emergency services are working at the site,” he wrote.

According to Baza, the drones attacked a military enlistment office. The attack is claimed to have taken place in the evening on the previous day.


Bryansk region Governor Alexander Bogomaz has noted that a Ukrainian drone struck a Rosneft oil terminal. According to him, the concrete foundation of the building and a fuel storage tank were damaged. No one was injured.

Meanwhile, five strikes on a power substation in the village of Tetkino were recorded in the Kursk region, Governor Roman Starovoyt noted. Power supply has been partially interrupted as a result.

Moreover, two drones blew up and fell to the ground over a private housing area in the Belgorod region, Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov reported.

“According to preliminary reports, no one was injured. Two residential houses were damaged: windows were blown out, fences and one car were affected,” Gladkov wrote in his Telegram post. An air defence system later downed another drone over Belgorod.

The Russian army shelled Ukraine’s Dnipro region overnight. Three private houses and four household buildings were damaged in Nikopol, no one was injured, Governor Serhiy Lysak reported.

Photo: ASTRA

Photo: ASTRA

The village of Malokaterynivka, Ukraine-controlled part of the Zaporizhzhia region, was also struck last evening, the Ukrainian national emergency agency noted. The attack led to five residential buildings catching fire and six more being damaged. Five people were injured, two of them are ambulance workers. A gas pipeline was also damaged.

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