Greenpeace: real area of forest fires in Russia ten times bigger than official statistics

According to the ISDM-Rosleskhoz space observation system the real area of Russia’s forest fires since the start of the year constitutes 5.2 million ha, whereas the official report only mentions 0.59 million ha, Greenpeace reports.

According to the organisation’s experts, almost all fires are caused by humans. They name the spread of fire-hazardous household practices and “extreme fire carelessness of the population” as the main causes behind the fires. The specialists also point out that such fires are started because of lack of financing, specialists, equipment, and interdepartmental cooperation in Russia’s regions.

Greenpeace: thermal points in Russia's eastern regions 5-10 May 2023

Greenpeace: thermal points in Russia's eastern regions 5-10 May 2023

The experts mention that due to climate change “natural emergencies” are occurring increasingly often, while emergency measures do not always have their desired effect. Greenpeace believes that only systematic reform of forest protection and other natural phenomena will help in fighting fires.

Russia’s Kurgan region was hit the hardest by the May fires, killing 21 people and destroying more than 500 homes and about 4,700 different structures. Fires are still burning in the Khabarovsk, Sverdlovsk, Tyumen, Amur, and Omsk regions.

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