Berlin court annuls decision to allow display of Russian flags during 9 May celebrations

The Higher Administrative Court of Berlin Brandenburg has upheld the appeal of Berlin’s police and cancelled the decision to allow partial display of Russian flags during city events on 9 May, as per the police’s Twitter account.

“The Higher Administrative Court has found our complaint reasonable. It’s still prohibited to display Russian and Soviet flags near these [Soviet] memorials, as well as Saint George’s ribbons and flag,” the tweet says.

Newspaper Berliner Morgenpost clarifies that this applies to memorials located in the Tiergarten district, as well as Treptower Park and Schönholzer Heide.

On Sunday, 7 May, the Berlin police said that Berlin’s Administrative Court had allowed the use of Russian flags during celebrations near a Soviet military memorial in the Tiergarten district on 9 May.

On 6 May, Berlin court overturned an earlier ban on the public display of Ukrainian flags during celebrations on 8 and 9 May, the association of Berlin Ukrainians Viche announced on Twitter. The ban on playing Ukrainian songs was also lifted.

The demonstration of Russian and Ukrainian flags around Soviet memorials on 8 and 9 May was previously banned in several Berlin districts. The decision also banned the wearing of military uniforms and Saint George’s ribbons as well as the singing of military songs. The police pointed out that the ban does not apply to WWII veterans and diplomats who will take part in the commemoration events.

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