Vedomosti: Russian social media giant VK is developing Tinder alternative

Russian social media giant VK is developing a dating app after Tinder announced its withdrawal from Russia, Vedomosti reported citing two sources close to the company.

The sources said it will be a standalone app that will not require logging in through a VK account, unlike the current service, VK Dating, which can only be accessed through VK itself.

While VK Dating’s audience has grown 81% to 22.1 mln users in the past year, one of Vedomosti’s sources pointed out that its connection to the VK database also serves as a deterrent — some users are afraid of stumbling upon people that are already on their friend list. Since VK Dating is only popular as an in-app service, it makes sense to develop a separate dating app, says Denis Kuskov, head of the Telecom Daily news and analysis firm.

The new app may be launched as early as in the summer of 2023.

On 2 May, Match Group, which owns Tinder, said it would leave Russia before 30 April. “We are committed to protecting human rights. Our brands are taking steps to limit access to their services in Russia”, the company stated.

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