Kazakhstan resident sentenced to 13 years in maximum security Russian prison for attempted draft office arson

Ansagan Moldakhmetov, a Kazakhstani resident, has been sentenced to 13 years in a maximum security prison by a Russian court for attempted arson of a draft office in Omsk, TASS cites a local FSB representative.

The investigation’s theory is that Moldakhmetov and his acquaintance were tasked by an anonymous Telegram user to throw DIY bottles with flammable liquid into the building of a draft office in Omsk for a reward of 6,000,000 (~€12,200), which they did before they left the scene. The investigation believes their goal was “to destabilise the activities of state bodies and disrupt the campaign of recruiting volunteers for the special military operation in Ukraine.”

The Kazakhstani resident was soon detained, and his “accomplice” was put on an international wanted list.

A Vyborg resident was sentenced to 11 years in prison on similar charges. His credentials remain unknown. The investigation’s theory is that he colluded with a Ukrainian citizen before he attempted to set a draft office in Vyborg on fire.

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