Russia’s Bryansk governor reports two locals dead in Ukrainian shelling

Two residents of the Suzemka locality in Russia’s Bryansk region have died as a result of shelling by Ukrainian forces, regional governor Andrei Bogomaz wrote on his Telegram channel.


The death toll of the attack on Suzemka has risen to four, Bryansk governor Andrei Bogomaz reported.

“Two more civilians have been found under the rubble. Unfortunately, both have died”, he wrote.

Another two people sustained injuries and were taken to the hospital.

According to the governor, the shelling, which occurred late Saturday night, completely destroyed one building and damaged two others.

Bogomaz also reported a follow-up artillery attack early Sunday morning which partly destroyed one building but did not injure anyone.

Suzemka is located several miles from the Russian-Ukrainian border.

Earlier this week, two civilians in the Belgorod Region were reported to have been killed in a mine explosion after venturing into the restricted border zone for a fishing trip.

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