Russian regional MP who helped return dozens of conscripts from war zone arrested on suspicion of fraud

A Russian court has arrested Bryansk lawmaker and Communist Party member Konstantin Pavlov on suspicion of large-scale fraud.

Konstantin Pavlov. Photo: Bryansk regional parliament

Konstantin Pavlov. Photo: Bryansk regional parliament

Between December 2020 and December 2021, Pavlov allegedly received 35 mln rubles (€390,000) from a businessman for services in obtaining a permit for a previously closed shopping mall. The prosecution claims these services were never rendered.

Three days ago, the Russian Investigative Committee said it had searched Pavlov’s residence as well as that of his presumed accomplice, an unnamed Moscow resident.

Independent media outlet 7x7 reports that Pavlov has helped more than 40 unlawfully mobilised men come home since Russia started its war in Ukraine. Together with the draftees’ relatives he appealed to the prosecutor’s office, which found violations in the mobilisation process. He also worked with requests from Bryansk locals seeking medical treatment for mobilised men.

According to 7x7, Pavlov has ensured the transfer of 34 mobilised men from the Belgorod military unit back to the Bryansk military unit. For nearly three weeks, they had been demanding a medical examination and military training.

He also helped bring home 12 servicemen, several of whom are fathers of many children, and has filed formal complaints about poorly equipped bomb shelters in villages along the Russian-Ukrainian border.

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