Russian Prosecutor General’s Office declares Free University ‘undesirable organisation’

Russia’s Prosecutor General’s Office has declared Free University an “undesirable organisation”, as per its official Telegram channel.

The Prosecutor General’s Office has found that the university located in Latvia was founded, among others, by “foreign agents”.

“The teaching staff of this educational institution promotes activities of organisations recognised as extremist in Russia. The literature developed and used in the university is distinctly anti-Russian. In it, the necessity of changing the foundations of the constitutional order is basically justified under the pretext of developing democratic institutions,” the office’s statement reads.

The state body claims that during classes the students “form a strong hostility towards Russia and the ultraliberal model of European democracy is forced on them”.

The Prosecutor General’s Office considers the university and its operations a threat to the foundations of the constitutional order, territorial integrity, and state security of Russia.

“The organisational structure includes people who question the territorial integrity of Russia, who publicly condemn actions and decisions of Russia’s leadership,” the statement reads.

“If the university cannot be free anymore, it means we need a new Free University,” the university website says.

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