Local authorities: Russian forces use cluster munition to shell Ukraine’s Donetsk region, two killed

The Russian army has shelled the Ukrainian city of Kramatorsk with cluster munition. The attack killed at least two people, Donetsk region Governor Pavlo Kyrylenko reported.

The Ukrainian regional prosecution later added that eight people had been injured.

According to the governor, several cars and around ten residential buildings were damaged.

Kyrylenko also reported that the Russian troops used Uragan missile system’s cluster munition to shell Kostyantynivka which is also located in the Donetsk region. Six people were injured in this attack.

“They struck the central market and a children’s toy store area. According to the latest reports, ten private houses were damaged along with nine apartment blocks, a school, a children’s toy store, around a dozen cars and garages,” he noted.

Earlier, the Ukrainian air force reported that its air defence system downed 11 out of 16 Shahed-136/131 drones launched to strike Ukraine’s central, western, and eastern regions in the early hours on Saturday. Heads of the Lviv and Dnipro regions also reported attacks. Two drones struck a critical infrastructure facility in the Dnipro region.

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