Kremlin: Chinese leader Xi Jinping to visit Russia on 20-22 March upon Putin’s invitation

Xi Jinping, the president of the People’s Republic of China, is scheduled to visit Russia on 20-22 March upon the invitation of Russia’s president Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin has officially announced.

The two leaders will hold negotiations and discuss the future development of the Russo-Chinese relations, and exchange opinions “in the context of further Russo-Chinese co-operation on the global arena,” the Kremlin says in its statement, adding that “important bilateral documents” would be signed during Xi Jinping’s stay in Moscow.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has announced that Beijing would hold an “objective stance” on the Ukraine War and is planning on playing a “constructive role” in promoting peace negotiations.

Reuters reported Xi Jinping to potentially visit Russia and meet Putin earlier.

Xi Jinping became the first individual to be elected as the president of China for a third term on 10 March. He is 69 years old and became the Secretary General of the Chinese Communist Party in 2012, a year before being elected the country’s president. He was first re-elected five years later for another five years.

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