IStories: Russian court orders 5.5 years of conditional sentence for soldier who admitted committing war crimes in Ukraine, found guilty of ‘spreading fakes about military’

A court in Khabarovsk has ordered a 5.5-year conditional sentence for serviceman Daniil Frolkin who shared details behind war crimes committed by Russian troops in Ukraine as he spoke to IStories earlier, the media outlet reports, citing a journalist who attended the trial.

The serviceman was found guilty of “spreading fake news about the Russian military”.

It was revealed in December 2022 that the court would consider Daniil Frolkin’s case. He spoke to a reporter for IStories in August and confessed to his war crimes in Ukraine, including murder of a local.

“I confess to all crimes I had committed in Andriivka: shooting civilians, stealing from civilians, and seizing phones from civilians,” he told IStories back then.

He also shared the names of commanders who ordered executions of Ukrainian civilians. He also stated he wanted commanders that “led people to death” be held accountable.

“I understand that I could go to jail for sharing this information. Not even for committing all these fucking crimes in Ukraine. But for the information [about the commanders]. I just want to confess to everything and explain what’s going on in our country. I think that this war shouldn’t have happened,”

Frolkin said.

After returning from Ukraine, Frolkin quit his job in the military but then returned.

He is accused of violating warfare rules and customs in Ukraine and is facing a lifetime sentence in the country.

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