Russia’s Kaluga region lawmaker, who did not stand up during Russian anthem, handed draft notice

Alexander Lependin, deputy of the Kaluga region Maloyaroslavets district assembly who did not stand up when the Russian anthem started playing during a session, has been handed a draft notice for “verification of data” at an ethics committee meeting, local outlet Kaluga News reports, citing chairman of the local parliament Mikhail Bruk.

“Yes, that’s absolutely correct. Draft notices [the purpose of which] is for [the receivers] to come to a draft office for verification of information have been handed out,” Bruk said. Aside from Lependin, another draft notice was handed to independent candidate turned deputy Vladimir Zabolotsky.

Photo: Mayak

Photo: Mayak

On 20 February, the Russian anthem was played during a speech by the head of the local administration at a meeting. All the present officials, aside from Lependin, rose up from their seats, the district information centre Mayak reported back then. The deputy himself apologised for his behaviour and explained himself, saying he “had been training” the day before and would not “be able to stand”.

Head of the district administration Vyacheslav Parfenov said that the deputy would be held accountable through court. According to the media, a protocol on violating the procedure of official use of state symbols could be drawn up against Lependin.

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