IStories: prosecution requests six years behind bars for soldier Daniil Frolkin, who confessed to killing Ukrainian civilian, over charges of ‘fake news’ about Russian army

In Russia’s Khabarovsk Garrison Military Court, the prosecution has requested six years of imprisonment for Russian soldier Daniil Frolkin, who previously recounted Russian soldiers’ war crimes in Ukraine in an interview, under the article on spreading “fake news” about the Russian army, media outlet IStories reports, citing Frolkin himself.

He could be sentenced tomorrow, 16 March. Frolkin is accused of spreading “fake news” about the army by an organised group and motivated by greed.

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Russian soldier that took part in civilian killings in the Kyiv region confesses to his crimes

The fact that a criminal case had been initiated against Frolkin was reported at the end of 2022. In August 2022, the soldier told IStories correspondent Ekaterina Fomina about the war crimes he had committed in the Andriivka village near Kyiv, including killing a civilian.

“I confess to all crimes I had committed in Andriivka, to shooting civilians, stealing from civilians, seizing phones from civilians,” he said back then.

He also gave names of his commanders, including the ones who gave orders to shoot civilians. After returning to Russia from Ukraine, Frolkin left the military but then went back to serve.

In Ukraine, he is accused of having violated the laws and customs of war. Under these articles, he faces life imprisonment in Ukraine.

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