Ukrainian authorities: missile strikes centre of Kramatorsk, killing one and injuring seven

One person has been killed, three more have been injured in a missile attack on Kramatorsk, Ukraine’s Donetsk region, governor Pavlo Kyrylenko reported.


The number of people injured following the missile strike on the centre of Kramatorsk has risen to seven, the regional administration reported.

Photo: Pavlo Kyrylenko

Photo: Pavlo Kyrylenko

“One person died, at least three were injured following a missile strike on Kramatorsk in the morning. The Russians fired a missile on the city centre. According to the latest reports, six apartment buildings were damaged,” he wrote.

Photo: Pavlo Kyrylenko

Photo: Pavlo Kyrylenko

The Ukrainian General Prosecutor’s Office noted that four people were recovered from under the rubble, one of them died in hospital.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also commented on the attack.

“The evil state continues to fight against civilians. By destroying lives and living nothing humane behind. Each strike that takes an innocent life should lead to a lawful and just verdict that brings punishment for the murder. This is what will happen,” he wrote.

The rubble clearance operation continues at the site.

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