Putin pardons physics teacher convicted for producing and selling amphetamine. Her husband previously joined Wagner Group

Russian President Vladimir Putin has pardoned Diana Gribovskaya, a St. Petersburg resident, who was previously sentenced to 16 years behind bars for synthesising and selling amphetamine, Rotonda reports citing her father.

In 2018, veterinarian Dmitry Karavaychik and his wife Diana Gribovskaya who worked as a physics teacher were sentenced to 17 and 16 years in prison for making large batches of drugs. According to the court ruling, Karavaychik was producing amphetamine, while Gribovskaya was looking for customers.

Karavaychik told the court that they did not sell the real drug but rather a mixture of ground tablets. According to him, the money raised was supposed to be spent on developing prosthetics for cats and gods.

According to Gribovskaya’s father, the pardon was granted due to a combination of factors. “Dmitry asked, and we asked as well. The president pardoned her,” Vladimir Gribovsky said.

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In January 2023, Agency identified Dmitry Karavaychik in the picture taken during a meeting between Yevgeny Prigozhin, Wagner Group founder, and former convicts who served a contract with the mercenary company. He later sat down for an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda under a pseudonym where he admitted that he agreed to take part in the Ukraine war to help his wife. “I hope we will now be able to free her as well. I am willing to do anything for it,” he said.

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