Crimean court fines woman €620 for singing Ukrainian anthem in video

A court in the Russia-annexed Crimea has fined a local woman, 20 years old, 50,000 rubles (€620) for shooting a video of her singing the Ukrainian national anthem, the court reports.

The young woman was found guilty of “discrediting the Russian military”. The investigators’ theory is that she posted a video on 1 March where she was singing the Ukrainian national anthem. By doing so, she “committed public action aiming at discrediting the Russian military which is ensuring the interests of the Russian Federation and its citizens, protecting the world peace and security by its demilitarisation and denazification of Ukraine,” read the verdict.

Reportedly, the woman’s name is Evelina Memetova. Mediazona notes a pro-Kremlin Telegram channel started a smear campaign against her earlier. The same channel later posted a video with the woman “apologising” for what she did “through stupidity” and claiming she was “fully supporting the special operation”.

During the trial, she pleaded guilty and “acknowledged her offence”, the court says.

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