About 30,000 residents of Vladivostok, Far East Russia, left without heating, hot water after insulated pipeline burst

About 30,000 residents of Vladivostok have been left without heating and hot water following a burst accident at a section of the central insulated pipeline, the local prosecutor’s office said.

Photo: VL.RU

Photo: VL.RU

“The accident led to the release of water on the ground and sections of the road network. The network maintenance organisation has started repair and restoration works,” the office said in a statement.

The breach, according to VL.RU, occurred under the Lugovoy Square. A large traffic junction was flooded with boiling water, reducing the visibility to almost zero. Water flooded the roads and pedestrian areas, writes RBC Primorye. People can’t walk on the sidewalks, cars are forced to drive into puddles, completely submerging the wheels in boiling water. Also, according to the outlet, puffs of dense steam were rising over the square.

Kommersant points out that similar heating network accidents happen regularly in Vladivostok, which leads to mass heating interruptions. In particular, two accidents left 4,000 residents without heating on 15 February, while on 6 March more than 6,000 people were without heating and hot water for several hours.

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