Kyiv: war caused $76 billion worth of damage on Ukraine’s ecology

The ecological damage inflicted on Ukraine by Russia’s full-scale invasion amounts to 3 trillion hryvnia ($76 billion), Ukrainian Environmental Protection Minister Ruslan Strilets said as quoted by Interfax-Ukraine.

“The Russians, like barbarians, destroy everything without realising that the environment knows no borders… We have already counted losses: 3 trillion hryvnia of ecological damage — soil and air pollution, burnt forests, and destroyed natural resources,” Strilets told the United for Justice conference in Lviv.

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According to him, some of Ukraine’s natural resources are lost for good. Moreover, his ministry calculated that almost one-third of the country’s forests are damaged which amounts to almost 3 million hectares. Meanwhile, 500,000 hectares of forests are either occupied or located in active combat zones, the minister noted.

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