Kremlin refuses to disclose military data to OSCE members

Russia has rejected the annual military data exchange mandated by the 2011 Vienna Document that covers 57 members of the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), RBC reports, citing Konstantin Gavrilov, Russia’s envoy to the Vienna talks on military security.

Earlier, the US Arms Control Association reported about it. Moscow notified the Vienna Document signatories on 16 January.

This move, according to Gavrilov’s letter, was linked to Prague’s decision to “suspend the implementation of its commitments under [the Vienna Document] towards Russia and due to Ukraine’s interpretative statement about its refusal to participate in the 2023 [annual information exchange], as well as to send certain routine notifications provided by the Vienna Document”.

“We proceed from the assumption that if the Russian Federation exchanges its national [data] report, it will for sure end up in the hands of the above-mentioned participating states,” he added.

Moreover, Moscow accused other signatories of violating various provisions of the Vienna Document. In particular, the Kremlin is unhappy with the decisions made by Bulgaria, Poland, and France to not invite Russian inspectors to their military bases.

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The Vienna Document on Confidence and Security-Building Measures was adopted by the OSCE in 2011. It provides for the exchange of information on military forces, defence planning, and military budgets, as well as notification about certain military activities and inspections.

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