Adygea man fined €10K for sharing link to Navalny Team video in WhatsApp chat

A court in Russia’s Adygea has fined Igor Korotkov, 39, 800,000 rubles (~€10,000) over “fake news about Russia’s military” for sharing a link to a video from the Navalny Live YouTube channel, as per Kavkaz.Realii.

Korotkov was recently added to a WhatsApp group chat dedicated to a car rally set up in support of the Russian military, his attorney Irina Babakhanova says. Igor shared a link to a video titled “Ukraine: Putin’s defeat” by the Navalny Live channel to this chat.

“My client believes that what he had shared was not false information. He trusts this information, and it has not been refuted by anyone so far. Korotkov did not ask to be in the group chat, he was added there by an acquaintance of his,” Babakhanova says.

She also added that her client was planning on appealing the verdict.

Kavkaz.Realii notes that Korotkov was running for a member of the local legislature twice as an independent candidate before.

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