Moscow woman arrested, suspected of treason for donating to Ukraine’s army

A court in Moscow has arrested a woman suspected of treason for two months, TASS cites the FSB.

“A Moscow woman has had her criminal activities finished with, namely committing treason by providing financial aid to Ukraine’s Armed Forces, which means activities against the security of the Russian Federation, a crime described in Article 275 of the Russian Criminal Code,” the security agency has said in a statement.

The woman was detained in Moscow while she was trying to leave Russia, her name and other details remain undisclosed.

The FSB investigators are carrying out “measures aimed at establishing all the circumstances of the criminal case, including the detention of accomplices.”

Article 275 of the Criminal Code provides punishment between 12 and 20 years in prison.

Pervy Otdel, a human rights project, reports that this is the first known case of donating to Ukraine becoming grounds for a treason accusation in Russia.

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