Explosion reported by locals in Moscow region city Kolomna, Russian media say source could have been a drone

Russia’s Ministry of Emergency Situations has not found any “visual signs” of an explosion in the Moscow region city of Kolomna, located 114 km away from the Russian capital, where in the evening of 2 March the sounds of an explosion were heard by local residents, Russia’s news agency Interfax reports, citing the press service of the regional directorate of the ministry.

No technological disturbances have been documented at energy and infrastructure facilities, gas and power supply are operating regularly, the press service of the Moscow region Energy Ministry added.

Still, Russia’s state news agency TASS writes, citing law enforcement sources, that the explosion took place in the air. It could have been a drone, however, it is impossible to say with certainty, seeing as its fragments have not been located yet, the agency’s interlocutor said.

According to Telegram channel Baza, the Ministry of Emergency Situations was unable to find the source of the explosion and the location where it had occurred, the rescuers have widened the scope of the search and have been looking for the source in the districts neighbouring Kolomna — the Remensky and Voskresensky districts.

Yesterday evening, residents of Kolomna reported to have heard an explosion in the city. According to Baza, it is unknown what exactly happened, however, the explosion was heard at around 9:30 PM in most of the city’s areas. Law enforcement officers and rescuers soon arrived at the scene. The press service of the Kolomna City District administration told media outlet RBC that the details of what happened were unknown at the time.

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