Kremlin spokesman: Putin to hold meeting with members of Russia’s Security Council tomorrow

Russian President Vladimir Putin will hold a meeting with members of Russia’s Security Council on 3 March, the Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov says.

Such meetings are conducted by the president regularly, they usually take place on Fridays, Russia’s state news agency TASS notes.

Earlier, Telegram channel You Listened Mayak reported, citing government sources, that an urgent meeting would be held by Putin in the coming hours. Media outlet Verstka, citing a law enforcement source, wrote that an urgent Security Council meeting, without the president’s participation, was being held via video conferencing at that moment to discuss the events that transpired in the Bryansk region earlier in the day.

Member of the State Duma Defence Committee Andrey Gurulev confirmed to RTVI earlier that an urgent Security Council meeting would be held today, however, at that moment it was unclear at what time exactly.

Peskov also stated that Putin is in the Kremlin, he has received reports from the FSB, Defence Ministry, and National Guard in regards to the matter of Ukrainian saboteurs entering the territory of the Bryansk region of Russia. The president is in contact with the Bryansk region governor Alexander Bogomaz, Peskov added.

“We’re talking about a terrorist attack. Currently, measures are being taken to eliminate these terrorists,” the press secretary said.

Peskov also stated that Putin had cancelled his work trip to the Stavropol region due to the situation in the Bryansk region. He was supposed to make an appearance at the inauguration ceremony of the Year of Teachers event.

“President Putin will conduct the opening of the Year of Teachers and Mentors event and meet the members of the pilot educational programme of the mentor school, but he will, due to understandable reasons, do it via a video conference,” Peskov said, as quoted by Russia’s state news agency RIA Novosti.

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Earlier today, the Bryansk region governor Alexander Bogomaz said that the territory of the Klimovsky district of the Bryansk region of Russia had been breached by a Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance group.

“Saboteurs fired at a moving vehicle. One resident was killed in the shelling, a 10-year-old was injured,” the governor wrote.

Furthermore, according to Bogomaz, Ukraine’s Armed Forces launched a drone the falling of which led to a house catching on fire in the Sushany village.

Russia’s state news agency TASS reports, citing law enforcement sources, that a clash with “Ukrainian saboteurs” is currently taking place in the region.

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