Russian MoD: St. Petersburg airspace closure was due to ‘air defence training’

Russia’s Defence Ministry has reported that the airspace over Saint Petersburg had been closed earlier today for air defence training, as per RIA Novosti.

The training helped polish up detection, interception, and identification of targets, as well as cooperation with emergency services, the agency claims.

Fighter jets of the air defence forces were involved “to practise interception and identification of a hypothetical target”.

A total of 200 square km of airspace was closed earlier today over the Saint Petersburg area due to an unidentified object. All departures and arrivals were postponed at the Pulkovo airport. The Kover signal, used in case of illegal overflying of the border or appearance of a UFO, was in place.

According to Fontanka, the information about an unidentified flying object 160-200 km away from St. Petersburg was reported by the Ministry of Defence to the Pulkovo air service. A source close to Saint Petersburg’s authorities confirmed that the sky was closed due to a UFO, and fighter jets had to take off.

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