Zelensky sacks commander of Ukraine’s joint forces Moskalyov

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has dismissed Eduard Moskalyov, the commander of Ukraine’s joint armed forces, as per the Ukrainian president’s website.

Major General Moskalyov was appointed to this position on 15 March 2022, replacing Oleksandr Pavlyuk who became governor of the Kyiv region.

Moskalyov earlier worked as the leader of Operational Command East and deputy commander of joint forces.

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Zelensky sacked Ruslan Dzyuba, the deputy commander of the National Guard, on 11 February. The Ukrainian president also made changes in the National Security and Defence Council, adding Ihor Klymenko, the Interior Minister, and Vasyl Malyuk, the chief of Ukraine’s Security Service, as well as formally removing the deceased Denys Monastyrsky.

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