Russian MoD confirms overnight attacks on Kyiv region and Khmelnytskyi that killed two rescuers

The Russian Defence Ministry has confirmed overnight drone attacks in Ukraine’s Kyiv region and the city of Khmelnytskyi in its daily bulletin.

“The AFU’s electronic intelligence centre close to Brovary (Kyiv region) has been hit. The ‘West’ SOF Centre was hit near Khmelnytskyi,” claims the ministry’s statement.

Ukraine’s Interior Ministry reported earlier that two rescuers were killed in the Khmelnytskyi region.

“The enemy attacked Ukraine with Iranian Shahed drones in the early hours of 27 February from the north. A total of 14 kamikaze UAVs were launched, of which 11 were taken down by air defence units,” the statement by Ukraine’s Armed Forces reported earlier.

A total of nine UAVs were downed in the city, says Serhiy Popko, the local military administration chief. He also noted that the drones came “in two waves with maximum intervals”.

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