PMC Wagner mercenary buried with honours in Russia’s Mordovia, was sentenced to 7.5 years in prison for attempted murder

Kirill Dergachev, a mercenary with PMC Wagner, was recently buried in Russia’s Mordova region and had a military funeral with honours, local outlet Stolitsa-S reports.

The media outlet says Dergachev lost his life in February near Bakhmut and was posthumously awarded with an Order of Courage.

Dergachev signed a contract with PMC Wagner in October 2022, Stolitsa-S says. He last contacted his parents in December and told them he was scheduled to return home in May once his contract would expire.

Dergachev was sentenced to 7.5 years in prison by a Saransk court in 2021 for attempting to murder a former classmate due to jealousy. Dergachev stabbed the man in the neck and later resisted arrest.

Stolitsa-S reports Dergachev had a criminal record and was earlier found guilty of stealing cell phones, wallets, and even condoms, as well as drinking and driving and insulting police officers.

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