Three injured in Russian attacks on Kherson in past 24 hours

Three people in Kherson, southern Ukraine, were injured in the past 24 hours following Russia’s artillery shelling, senior Ukrainian official Andriy Yermak reported.

According to the Kherson regional administration, Kherson had been shelled nine times by afternoon on 25 February. Residential buildings, a preschool, and a medical facility were damaged. One person was injured in the first wave of attacks.

Moreover, two emergency service workers were injured in the shelling earlier today. They were rushed to hospitals and given the necessary medical care, the local authorities noted.

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On 24 February, a preschool was shelled by Russian forces. The building caught fire. Ukraine’s national emergency service noted that no one was killed or injured. According to the agency, Russian troops shelled the emergency service brigade when it was putting out the fire. No one was injured.

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