Lithuania raises €14 million for Ukraine army radars

Lithuania has raised €14 million to purchase multifunctional tactical radars for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Lithuanian TV host and journalist Andrius Tapinas tweeted.

According to him, the amount was raised over four weeks. The fund collection ended following a three-hour TV marathon.

“These radars are needed to monitor the airspace around strategically important objects in Ukraine. Protecting crucial infrastructure, such as power plants, water towers, etc., helps prevent disruptions to the lives of Ukrainians while the war continues,” the official website of the charity campaign notes.

Lithuanian Olympic shooting champion Daina Gudzinevičiūtė and Paralympic track and field champion Mindaugas Bilius auctioned their medals to raise funds for Ukraine.

Lithuania’s Tesonet IT company also participated in the campaign by doubling every bank and PayPal transaction.

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The Radarom fundraiser was organised jointly by LRT, a broadcasting company, and Blue/Yellow, Laisvės TV, 1K fondas, and Stiprūs kartu to mark one year since Russia invaded Ukraine.

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