Bloomberg: tens of millions of barrels of Russian oil reloaded off Greece’s coast to bypass EU sanctions

Tens of millions of barrels of Russia-origin petrol products were switched between tankers near the Greek Bay of Lakonikos which allows traders to overcome EU sanctions, Bloomberg reports.

According to the news agency’s estimates based on the vessel navigation data, at least 23 million barrels of Russian crude and refined fuel have been reloaded to different vessels since 2023 began. The investigation does not specify who supplies and buys Russian petroleum products.

Greek authorities claim that their abilities to interfere are restricted because the switch takes place in international waters. Earlier, the country sought to ease sanctions imposed on the ways to transport Russian oil, Bloomberg writes.

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According to the agency, a similar scheme is used near the Spanish city of Ceuta located in Africa near the Strait of Gibraltar to deliver oil to Asia. Earlier reports revealed that Spanish authorities sent a letter to shipping companies, reminding them that such services cannot be provided for Russian-origin oil.

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