Russia’s Kazan: sociologist arrested for three days for opinion piece that ‘incited hatred towards political figures’

A Kazan district court has sentenced doctor of sociological sciences Iskander Yasaveev to three days of an administrative arrest for his opinion piece Why is Russia waging war? published by media outlet Idel.Realii, Net Freedoms Project reports.

Yasaveev has been found guilty of inciting hatred towards the social group “political figures”.

According to Net Freedoms Project, “the prosecutor’s office has found extremist [remarks] after studying the article published in June of last year in which Yasaveev reflects on the possible ways of development of Russian society”.

A protocol against Yasaveev was drawn up on 30 January, his place was searched last summer.

At the end of February 2022, Yasaveev was detained with a sign “This is a war, not a special operation! No to war”. Back then, he was arrested for five days under the article on repeated violation of rules for holding rallies.

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