Russian governor pledges up to €40,000 for capturing Leopard, Abrams tanks in Ukraine

Authorities of Russia’s Zabaykalsky region will pay service members up to 3 million rubles (€40,000) per each captured Leopard or Abrams tank in the Ukraine war, Governor Alexander Osipov signed the order.

Up to 3 million rubles (€40,000) is promised for a Leopard tank, while service members will get up to 500,000 rubles (€6,500) for assisting in its capture. Not more than ten soldiers can be rewarded per tank. Destroying this tank can win up to 1 million rubles (€13,125) for one person and up to 150,000 rubles (€2,000) for a maximum of four people assisting in it.

“The capture of one M1 Abrams tank and other main battle tanks produced in NATO countries” and assistance in its capture will be rewarded with between 300,000 rubles to 1.5 million rubles (€4,000-20,000), and up to 500,000 rubles (€6,500) for its destruction.

Service members are advised to exercise restraint and reasonable cautiousness when attempting to seize the tanks.

Earlier, FORES, a Russian energy company, pledged to pay rewards to service members for destroying NATO hardware and planes. The company vows to pay 5 million rubles (€65,000) for the first destroyed tank and 500,000 (€6,500) for each consequent tank. The company will also reward interception of F-15 and F-16 jets with 15 million rubles (€200,000).

Russian actor Ivan Okhlobystin said that anonymous “representatives of large Russian businesses set the reward for each blown up Abrams at 10 million rubles” (€131,000).

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