Navalny says inmate who spent 24 hours with flu, COVID patients placed in his cell for 5th time

Russian politician Alexey Navalny who is serving a prison sentence in the Vladimir region posted online that the prison administration put an inmate into the solitary confinement cell, where Navalny is currently placed, who spent the previous 24 hours with flu and COVID patients.

“Well, you can do it once, twice, or three times when you are exercising your arbitrariness. But you understand that it’s the fifth time that they have taken a man, saying, ‘he’s so sick, so sick’, and hospitalised him. In 24 hours, they say, “oh, absolutely healthy,’ and discharged him back into my cell,” Navalny noted.

In January, Navalny fell ill in the punishment cell. “Unfortunately, the bioweapon worked. Navalny is now in the punishment cell with high temperature, fever, and cough. We are trying to get medicine through to him,” his lawyer Vadim Kobzev then noted. The prison administration refused to hospitalise Navalny, and the essential medicine was long not accepted.

Kobzev reported only on 12 January that the politician had started receiving flu medicine. According to the lawyer, an open letter signed by the medical community of Russia made a serious impact. Russian doctors earlier appealed to Russian President Vladimir Putin, demanding that all torture of Navalny be stopped and he receive all the necessary medical care.

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