France 24: Ukraine’s Armed Forces confirm retreat from Soledar. Russia’s Defence Ministry announced capture of city on 13 January

The Ukrainian army has withdrawn its forces from the city of Soledar, Donetsk region, France 24 reports, citing spokesperson for the Eastern Grouping of Ukraine’s Armed Forces Serhiy Chrevatyi.

“After months of heavy fighting, including the fighting over the past weeks, Ukraine’s Armed Forces have left [Soledar] and retreated through the outskirts to the positions prepared in advance,” Chrevatyi said.

According to the TV channel, Chrevatyi refused to say when the retreat had taken place.

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has not officially confirmed this information.

On 13 January, Russia’s Defence Ministry stated that the Russian army had established complete control over the city of Soledar on 12 January. The American Institute for the Study of War also reported on the city being captured.

Also on 13 January, Serhiy Chrevatyi told media outlet RBC Ukraine that Russian forces had not captured the city of Soledar. According to him, the fighting was still going on in the city at that moment.

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