Former Wagner PMC unit commander seeking asylum in Norway released from detention centre

The Norway police have decided to release former commander of a Wagner PMC unit Andrey Medvedev from an immigration detention centre in Trandum, where he was placed several days ago, NRK reports.

Jon Andreas Johansen, head of the legal section of the police immigration unit, has stated that Medvedev is being released as there are no grounds for keeping him in custody further in accordance with Article 106 of Norway’s immigration law.

According to Medvedev’s attorney Brynjulf Risnes, the former mercenary now plans to find a place to live outside of Trandum. The attorney does not know what will happen next so far.

NRK learned from the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI) that Medvedev had applied for asylum. His application is considered under the normal procedure.

Earlier, the immigration service stated that they were deliberating whether to place him in custody. Medvedev himself said that someone helped him “cross the Norwegian-Russian border in Pasvikdalen”, but he did not specify what kind of help he received.

Medvedev is the former commander of the Wagner PMC fighter who was executed on video with a sledgehammer. The commander appeared in the media in December when he gave an interview to The Insider where he said that he knows of at least 10 executions of mercenaries who refused to take part in combat. The man claims that he witnessed several executions in person.

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He stated that the MED group, a separate unit within the Wagner PMC’s security service, is tasked with executions.

Medvedev contacted Gulagu.net, a Russian anti-torture human rights organisation, after his interview with The Insider, as he feared revenge from PMC Wagner head Yevgeny Prigozhin.

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