Ukrainians pay last tributes to victims of Brovary helicopter crash that killed Interior Minister and 13 more people

Public viewing has started in Ukraine’s Kyiv and Brovary as Ukrainians are paying their last tributes to victims of the Brovary helicopter crash which happened on 18 January, Strana reports.

Volodymyr Zelensky, the country’s President, and First Lady Olena Zelenska have bid their last farewell to Denys Moanstyrsky, Ukraine’s Interior Minister who was killed in the crash.

A similar ceremony was held in Brovary, a satellite town of Kyiv, where locals mourned Olena Ponomarenko and her daughter Mylana, 5.

A Ukrainian state emergency service helicopter crashed in Brovary on 18 January, killing the interior minister and several other officials, as well as both pilots, 14 people in total. 25 more individuals were injured.

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