Russia’s Zabaykalsky region governor promises to bring home mobilised fathers of multiple children

Governor of Russia’s Zabaykalsky region Alexander Osipov has promised to return to Russia all fathers of multiple children previously mobilised in the region, as per his socials.

“I made a decision: fathers of multiple children mobilised in the Zabaykalsky region will be returned home. There’s no need for any action or appeals from the mobilised servicemen or their relatives when it comes to this issue. Draft offices are already working on the lists with the fighters’ commanders,” Osipov writes.

He also promises that “withdrawal of fathers of multiple children will not lead to additional mobilisation”.

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In October 2022, Russia’s Defence Ministry promised to provide fathers of multiple children with an exemption from the “partial mobilisation”. Fathers of multiple children are men with three or more children younger than 16.

In total, at least 159 children were left without a father during the first two months of mobilisation in Russia, Novaya Gazeta Europe estimates.

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