‘I will be an enemy of the Russian regime until the end of my life’: Moldovan TikToker Nekoglai vows to donate $100,000 to Ukraine after tortures by Moscow police

Moldovan blogger Nekoglai (Nikolai Lebedev) has pledged to purchase 10 drones worth $100,000 for the Ukrainian army, he said on TikTok.

“I survived two weeks of torture by Russia. What for? For the reason they themselves invented. After that I will obviously speak about politics. I will speak about politics until the end of my life. I will be an enemy of the Russian regime until the end of my life. This week already I will send more than $100,000 to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. I will buy 10 drones, arrive in Ukraine, and record me personally handing these drones to the Ukrainian Armed forces,” he said.

On 7 November, Nekoglai recorded a parody TikTok referencing a video of a Russian soldier lying in a trench and “swatting away grenades falling on him with bare hands”. Later, head of the Safe Internet League Ekaterina Mizulina asked authorities to look into the video for signs of “discrediting the Russian army”.

The TikToker, 21, was then deported from Russia to his native Moldova. At the court hearing, the man with tears in his eyes said that he was not abused, that he was sorry, and asked to be “deported faster”.

Nekoglai later shared that police officers battered and tried to rape him with a one-litre Coca-Cola bottle.

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