Ukraine’s interior minister, 17 more people die in helicopter crash in Kyiv region

A Ukrainian state emergency service helicopter has crashed in Kyiv region’s Brovary, killing the interior minister and several other officials, head of Ukraine’s national police Ihor Klymenko said.

Photo: Magnolia TV

Photo: Magnolia TV

“The crash killed top officials in the Interior Ministry: minister [Denys Monastyrsky], first deputy minister, and state secretary. Overall, we know about 16 deaths, two of them are children. Nine of them were aboard the helicopter. Moreover, 22 injured people are in hospital, including 10 children,” he noted.


The crash death toll has reached 18, Kyiv region head Oleksii Kuleba reported.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s General Prosecutor’s Office said, “29 people have been injured, 15 of them are children. The injured people were rushed to the hospital”.

According to Kyiv region police spokesperson Iryna Pryanyshnykova, quoted as saying by Suspilne, the helicopter crashed near a pre-school, causing the building to catch fire. All the children have been evacuated. Doctors, police officers, and fire fighters are on site.

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