St. Petersburg to take down art installation dedicated to Mariupol. Inscription ‘You bombed it yourself’ appeared on it a month ago

St. Petersburg authorities will dismantle the Two Hearts art installation dedicated to Ukraine’s Mariupol from the Palace Square in the centre of the city, Fontanka reports citing activist Margarita Nikolaeva who appealed to the authorities with a query about the artwork.

The letter received by her says that the installation is “temporary” and will be taken down after 18 January.

“The specified composition symbolises unity of the two cities and represents a reciprocal gesture of friendship and cooperation with the twin town of Mariupol,” the administration clarified.

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In mid-December, “Killers, you bombed it yourself. Judases.” was inscribed on the installation. The art piece was soon taken away “for cleaning” and then returned to the same spot.

On 19 December, law enforcement agents detained a 17-year-old teenager, she was held administratively liable for “discrediting the Russian army” by writing the comment.

On 12 January, a camouflaged man showed up near the installation to guard the artwork, as he told Fontanka.

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