Occupation ‘authorities’: at least 4 injured in shelling of Donetsk

Four people were injured by Ukraine’s shelling of Donetsk, says Alexey Kulemzin, the Russia-installed “mayor” of the city.

“Four men have been injured,” he wrote, adding that two districts of the city have been left with no electricity.

A shopping centre was destroyed in the city, and two apartment blocks, a spirits distillery, a shuttle bus, and a car repair shop were damaged. The rubble is being cleared out.

Russia executed a new massive shelling of Ukraine on Saturday. Explosions were reported in the Kyiv, Lviv, Vinnytsia, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Dnipro, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Khmelnytskyi regions of the country.

Ukraine’s army officials say the projectile that hit the apartment block was a Russian Kh-22 anti-ship missile.

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