TASS: 10 servicemen injured by munitions explosion in Russia’s Belgorod region

An explosion of munitions has happened in a town hall in Tonenkoye, Russia’s Belgorod region, TASS cites a source in the emergency services.

“Munitions detonated in a town hall in Tonenkoye, causing a fire and injuring 10 servicemen,” TASS’s souce says.

Telegram channels 112 and Baza, as well as Ren-TV, cite their sources and say that the explosion happened at the local military base. The munitions detonated after a serviceman used a hand grenade, causing a fire.

The same sources say that at least three servicemen were killed, and 16 more were injured. 112 and REN TV report that 8 people have been declared missing, the fire area being 450 square metres.

Baza also says that the injured and the killed were draftees. The Telegram channels report that an RGD-5 frag grenade was used.

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