Kharkiv region authorities: two women killed in shelling of village Dvorichna

Two women were killed in shelling of the Dvorichna village in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine, head of the regional administration Oleh Synyehubov says.

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Photo: The Kharkiv region prosecutor’s office

Photo: The Kharkiv region prosecutor’s office

“According to preliminary data, two women, 59 and 64, were killed as a result of shelling of private buildings. Another 63-year-old woman was wounded, she was hospitalised,” he reports.

The regional prosecutor’s office states that Russian forces shelled the village using a BM-21 Grad. A pre-trial investigation on violating laws and customs of war associated with premeditated murder has been initiated.

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Following yesterday’s shelling of the Kharkiv region, two people remained injured, the regional prosecutor’s office previously reported.

During the yesterday morning shelling of the Dvorichna village, a 68-year-old man was wounded. Later on the same day, a residential area was shelled in the city of Kupyansk, a 76-year-old man was injured.

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