Russian private, 24, sentenced to 5 years in prison for evading military service during mobilisation

The Ufa military garrison court has sentenced Marsel Kandarov, 24-year-old service member, to five years behind bars for evading military service during mobilisation.

The court claimed that Kandarov in May 2022 “did not want to take part in the special military operation” and refused to show up at his place of service. In September 2022, he was discovered by law enforcement officers “which ended his illegal presence outside of the scope of military legal relations”, the press release reads. No other case details were revealed.

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Pavel Chikov, head of Agora human rights group, in late October reported about the first criminal case for unauthorised military absence in Russia opened against a Yakutia resident who was drafted as part of the “partial mobilisation”.

In October, sergeant Roman Kashtakov was sentenced to two years in prison for failing to appear at his place of service. In March, the Russian Defence Ministry and Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper shared the story of sergeant Roman Kashtakov who “fired an infantry fighting vehicle gun to strike the enemy’s ammo truck” “eliminating five enemy armoured transport vehicles”.

On 30 December, the news emerged that the Ufa military garrison court had sentenced Salavat Mirasov, 27, to three years behind bars for unauthorised abandonment of his place of service during mobilisation.

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