Russian TV host Maxim Galkin stripped of Russian regional awards for ‘committing dishonourable act’

The authorities of Russia’s Kemerovo region have stripped Russian TV host and comedian Maxim Galkin of two regional awards “due to his having committed a dishonourable act”, as per an order published on the official regional website.

“Due to Maxim Galkin having committed an act dishonouring him as an awarded [individual], I hereby order: to strip Maxim Galkin of the Kemerovo region awards: the Order of Honour of Kuzbass, medal For Faith and Kindness,” the document signed by local governor Sergey Tsivilev states.

According to Russia’s news agency Interfax, these awards did not yield Galkin “any preferential treatment”.

On 10 January, representatives of local veteran organisations asked the Kemerovo region authorities to strip Galkin of his awards. The request took place after a video had spread online in which Galkin says “Glory to heroes!” during a show in Dubai in response to a woman from the audience saying “Glory to Ukraine!”

The Order of Honour of Kuzbass is awarded to Russian citizens who received public recognition for work aimed at development of the Kemerovo region and the growth of welfare of its population. This order was given to Galkin by the region’s ex-governor Aman Tuleev in 2013 during one of his shows in the region.

The medal For Faith and Kindness is awarded for doing charity and public work in the Kemerovo region. Galkin received it in 2004.

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