Samara region military officials not to publish list of servicemen killed in Makiivka strike

The military commissariat of Russia’s Samara region will not publish the list of servicemen killed or injured in Makiivka earlier this month, says Alexey Vdovin, the region’s top military official, speaking to 63.ru.

“The lists will not be published. First, it’s personal data, second, this would help foreign intelligence, and this is strictly prohibited,” Vdovin said.

All relatives of the deceased will be provided all necessary information “either upon request or by notice”, he says.

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Operation Army Macho

Russia’s top military brass and Putin are trying to craft an image of tough cookies and show they are ‘in the same boat’ with the soldiers. The results are not great

Ukraine reported wiping out hundreds of Russian draftees in Makiivka on 1 January, using a HIMARS launcher. Russia’s Defence Ministry admitted losing 63 men the following day, later confirming the final death toll of 89 servicemembers. It was not specified whether the deceased soldiers were draftees or what region they hailed from, however, Dmitry Azarov, the Samara governor, reported that there were people from his region among the killed.

63.ru reported earlier today that two draftees killed in the Makiivka strike had been buried in the Samara region recently.

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