Kursk governor says he spent a week training with PMC Wagner

Roman Starovoyt, the Kursk governor, says he spent the first week of 2023 in a PMC Wagner training camp, as per his Telegram channel.

“I, together with my colleagues from the regional administration and people from the local vigilante group, spent the first week of the new year with the PMC Wagner training camp among true men, patriots of Russia,” wrote the governor, 50.

Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of mercenary group PMC Wagner, stated that Starovoyt was accommodated in the barracks along with the rest of the servicemen who were unaware of who he was.

“After the training course was complete, Starovoyt was offered to sign a contract, but it turned out he had work duties to do,” Prigozhin added.

Yesterday, Starovoyt slammed a Kursk regional MP Maxim Vasilyev who had a video with him on a vacation in Mexico published online. Starovoyt labelled such behaviour as “inappropriate in the current situation”.

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